Tremiti Islands

Emerald waters, rocks dazzling whiteness, Mediterranean vegetation clinging to the rocks, coves of fine sand, crystalline waters, caves iridescent, impregnable fortresses, the cries of seagulls and fly diomedee.

The Tremiti Islands are five pearls thrown into the Adriatic, a treasure chest of biodiversity and natural beauty that make them an enchanted paradise among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

The archipelago has been known since ancient times as the “Diomedee Islands.” The legend, in fact, dates back to the islands in Diomede, Homeric hero of extraordinary strength and courage fled from Thrace, his native land, and landed on the Gargano coast to establish his new kingdom: Daunia. For pointing out the boundaries Diomedes made use of large boulders from his land. Three of these boulders were thrown into the sea and gave rise, in fact, the rocks of Diomede (Tremiti Islands). Legend has it, too, that the death of Diomede, buried, according to legend, the island of St. Nicholas, his men, desperate, were transformed into seabirds, said just “diomedee”, which continue to this day to mourn their leader. In reality, these seabirds are represented by a large colony of Calonectris diomedea (Cory’s Shearwater) has long been a constant presence in Tremiti and where to return, in the breeding season, it looks like, in an impressive manner, to a crying baby.


The archipelago of Tremiti Islands is located about 12 miles north of the Gargano promontory. It consists of three main islands: St. Domino, S. Nicola and Caprara, a small island located between the three islands called the Cretaccio and finally smaller island, located at a distance of about 12 miles to the NE of the first three, and more than 30 miles from the coast of Gargano, called Pianosa.

In less than 3 km2 and 20 km of coastal perimeter, the archipelago tremitese is an example of rare beauty and for its unspoiled nature of its waters for both landscape and architectural and historical present mainly on the two largest islands:  S. Domino and S. Nicola.

The archipelago of Tremiti Islands is a true paradise, where the clarity of the sea, the seabed colorful and clean, pleasant climate, unpolluted air, lush vegetation, coastline with coves and caves fascinating areas creates a rare beauty which no lover of the sea and nature can resist.

The Tremiti Islands is the smallest community of the Puglia region even if they are less than 500 registered residents, in fact, the people who actually live in these islands throughout the year do not reach 50 while others come mainly in spring to manage tourism activities taking place in the summer until September. In fact, hotels, restaurants, and services in general are closed for most of the year.

The Tremiti Islands are very precious and preserve their wild charm, especially in the winter months and are open to tourism in June offering beautiful waters that fascinate lovers of the sea, yachting and nature.

For the quality of its bathing water has been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag, a prestigious recognition of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

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